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Hello my loves,

Just a little bit about me – I worship fashion. I like mixing and matching. I love helping others feel beautiful. I have an opinion on just about everything. I love to shop local AND in large retail chains. I believe that style is personal, and with a few simple tricks, every woman can flatter their beautiful figure, no matter their shape or size.

My three objectives for this blog:

  • I live my life in fashion – I wake up each day and think “what am I wearing today to make me happy?” Putting together a “look” for myself each day makes me smile and brings me confidence! I want to pass on these fabulous feelings, and fashion tips, to anyone who wants to listen.
  • This blog will give me a place to store my work in one place. I have styled over the years for friends, family and photo shoots, but I don’t have one central location for everything.
  • Flattery is everything. I love when I put a look together for a friend, family member or bride and they say “I love this, I would have never put this together for myself.” I get such a high when people adore the way they look! Fashion is personal, but there is one simple rule I follow – FLATTER YOUR BODY, and  you will look and feel amazing. I hope to help readers learn how to shop for their unique beauty, no matter what shape or size.

Thank you for reading!



Contact me at tara.antonucci@yahoo.com


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