My Blush Color-Crush

2013 10 01 My Crush on Blush 510

I have a crush…shhhhh, don’t tell! Ok fine, feel free to spread the word that I am absolutely, head-over-heels crushing on everything blush! Over the past few months it may have become quite obvious to you that I have a serious addiction to the color black. While I love all of my flattering black attire, I do very much enjoy color as well! Blush is one of those colors that is so gorgeous and rich, and reminds me of Paris, beautiful roses and peonies! Here are some of my favorite blush-toned pieces and accessories. Yes, blush is totally appropriate to wear for fall, and yes everything can be found at Northshore Mall:

2013 10 01 Forever 21 510

2013 10 01 Cache 510

2013 10 01 Coach 510

2013 10 01 My Blush Color Crush 510

2013 10 01 Banana Republic 510

Blush Faves:

Moto Jacket: Forever 21 at Northshore Mall

Kerchief Shirt: Cache at Northshore Mall

Studded Clutch: Coach at Northshore Mall

Necklace: Loft at Northshore Mall

Sunglasses: Banana Republic at Northshore Mall

Do you have a color crush this season? I would love to know what colors you are mixing into your wardrobe this fall!

Yours in style & flattery,


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