Are you ready for some football?

The smell of apple pie, crisp air and leaves falling off the trees mean only one thing in New England: FOOTBALL SEASON. Every Sunday, my husband, Mr. Flattery, gears up to watch his favorite team, the New England Patriots. Although he doesn’t care what he wears to watch the game {yes, he owns the famous Bill Belichick grey hoody sweatshirt, and yes, it gets a lot of use}, I certainly do! If I happen to be invited to a game-day party, you better believe I am dressing the part, and I will stop by the Northshore Mall for the perfect look.

My husband likes to make fun of me for being one of the “pink shirts” {his definition: a female Boston sports fan who gets decked out in team attire, that is sometimes, and most often, pink}. Well, ladies, I have put together a game-day outfit to put all of our husbands and boyfriends to shame WITHOUT wearing pink {p.s. I am still a big fan of pink}.

Yes, I will cheer loud. Yes, I will look cute. And, no, I have NO IDEA what I am talking about when it comes to sports…but gosh-darn-it I will wear my red, white and blue proud. Go Pats!

Go Pats 510

{Beanie Hat: Nordstrom at Northshore Mall}
{Patriots Cotton Zip-Up: Victoria’s Secret at Northshore Mall}
{Flats: Aldo at Northshore Mall}
{Print Tank Top: Gap at Northshore Mall}
{Crop Jeans: Express at Northshore Mall}

Yours in style & flattery,


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