Behind the Fashion: a Q&A with StyleFlattery

I read a lot of blogs and fashion articles. I follow different people on Twitter, oggle at their Pinterest boards and sometimes stalk them on Facebook. It just occurred to me, though, that it is hard to really KNOW someone through blog content, quotes and images. I thought I would take a minute to share this interview with my readers so you can get to know a little bit more about me…by using content, quotes and images (oh well, it will just have to do):


FEET: Swarovski crystal flip flops my friend Toni-ann made me. They are so shimmery and I get compliments on them every time I wear them.
MIND: How in the world did I get this tired? Oh ya, I’ve been up since 4:15am…that’s how!
VANITY: My favorite Emporio Armani “SHE” perfume (discontinued, boo), and various other perfumes, shabby chic lamp, brushes, and Home Sweet Home candle from Yankee Candle (mmm, smells like fall).
BUCKET LIST: ​ Visit Italy, become famous (not infamous), drive a race car.
NIGHTSTAND: “Inferno” by Dan Brown, Marie Claire “September” Issue, various remotes.
WORKOUT PLAN: Workout plan? What’s that? Yikes!
PLAYLIST: My country playlist includes “One Way Ticket,” Carrie Underwood, “Storm Warning,” Hunter Hayes, “Crash My Party,” Luke Bryan, “Settlin’,” Sugarland, any and all Zac Brown Band, various other playlists but my favorites includes 80’s (think “Eye of the Tiger and Footloose).
WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE: My favorite room is my kitchen where my damask stencilled wall is located. So proud that I did it myself!
TWITTER FEED: Updates from my StyleFlattery blog, where I’m traveling (and pics), random inspirational quotes by others.
WISH LIST: I know, I am a broken record, BUT a trip to Italy to visit all of the amazing churches and historic sites I studied in college during art history class.
SHIT LIST: Sugar, flour and alcohol.
GO-TO MENU: ​When I eat out, Victoria Station or Howling Wolf in Salem. When I eat in: rice cakes with almond butter, banana and raisins…mmmm, yummmm!
PINTEREST BOARD: Everything glamour, fall-fashion trends, travel and home decor. I love quotes, and wedding gowns too!
DESKTOP SCREENSAVER: Terrible – it’s still the blue screen. What, am I too busy to change my screen saver? Note to self, add “update screensaver” to bucket list above.
ONLINE BOOKMARKS MENUBella Sera Bridal & Lorraine Roy websiteStyleFlattery websiteWhite House | Black MarketBanana Republic, and Northshore Mall website.
TOP-FIVE MOST-USED IPHONE APPS LIST: 1. Starbucks 2.Twitter 3. WordPress 4. Pandora 5.Yahoo email
REFRIGERATOR DOOR: Nothing! It’s stainless steel and the last time I tried a magnet on it, it didn’t magnetize. Hold on, let me try it again…nope, still not magnetic.
TOP-FIVE FEARS LIST: 1. Gaining back all the weight I worked so diligently to lose (vain, but true). 2. Losing my family and/or friends. 3. Someone making me eat a pickle 4. Being jumped in a dark alley (I know, after being forced to eat a pickle, this doesn’t seem so bad). 5. Sea-nimals (animals that live in the sea – I’m not a fan).
IDEAL CELEBRITY DINNER PARTY GUEST LIST: Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum, Carrie Underwood, Ann Curry, Fat Amy.
BIGGEST REGRETS LIST: No regrets. A few years ago, I would have listed a few, but today, one day at a time, I am doing all the things I never thought I could do! YAY!
QUOTES TO LIVE BY LIST: “Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” – Oscar de la Renta. “I do enough, I have enough, I am enough” – I have no idea who said that, or if I even quoted that correctly.
HEADSTONE, IF YOU COULD WRITE IT: “Live for today! Tara did, just not today.”

Q&A 510

I hope you enjoyed getting inside my silly mind.

Yours in style & flattery,



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