A “Wicked Awesome” 4th of July

Reposted from StyleFlattery @ Northshore Mall

This year I am celebrating the 4th of July – Boston style! Instead of wearing red, white and blue, I am choosing to wear GREEN, white and blue. I am so proud to be a Bostonian and, of course, honored to be an American, so what better way to observe a special day than to dress the part? Here is the perfect outfit I put together from the Northshore Mall to help me celebrate my country, and the greatest city in the world – Boston, Massachusetts! This year it’s all about appreciating our freedom, applauding our heros, and loving that “dirty water.”

Banana Republic Top
Ann Taylor Love Birds bracelet
Gap shorts
Aldo shoes

Shirt: Banana Republic | Flat Sandals: Aldo | Shorts: Gap | Bracelet: Ann Taylor

Another added bonus of living in Boston this time of year are all the summer bah-gans (non-Bostonians read: “bargains”). Everything is on SALE right now! So grab your ice coffee from Dunks, get in your cah, and head to the Northshore Mall to take advantage of these sales! Here’s hoping you find your perfect outfit, and that your 4th of July is wicked awesome!

Yours in style & flattery,



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