How To Become A Style Chameleon

Have you ever been tired of your look? Maybe it’s the end of the season and you’ve been wearing the same outfits, or it could be you just haven’t had time for shopping . Whatever the case, every woman falls into a fashion-rut every now and then. What is the key, then, to never tiring of your attire? Become a style chameleon!

I tend to go for the “same” styles each season because they flatter my body, such as, a natural-waist dresses with a great pair of stilettos.


However, the other day I stepped out of the box and into some different, equally flattering trends at Forever XXI at Northshore Mall, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Here is what I found my best “style chameleon” equation to be for Summer 2013:





Extremely cute summer vests (-) Being afraid to mix patterns (+) A bit of biker chic (=) A fun, flattering and different look for me!

This next sentence is for me as much as it is for you, readers: don’t be afraid to change it up every once-in-a-while! The best outfits happen when I try something totally out of my comfort zone, and mix and match different styles (come on, biker-chic and stilettos, Tara? Yes, absolutely!) The most important thing is to laugh at yourself (and maybe take a picture and send it to me) if an outfit becomes a complete fashion disaster! Pull different things together and try them on in the dressing room – work it, ladies!

For help navigating any new trends, leave me a comment here! I will respond with some helpful tips.

Yours in style & flattery,


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