Add Some Flapper Flair

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This summer is all about The Great Gatsby – the movie, the themed parties, the weddings, and of course roaring 20’s-style clothing. I am a huge fan of the time period where feather fascinators, gorgeous fringe and art deco accessories were the norm!

I recently attended a Gatsby-inspired fundraiser in Danvers and wore THE MOST AMAZING floor-length-gown. I loved watching everyone strut around in their prohibition-era-attire. It got me thinking “how can I bring this look into my normal day without looking overdone?” The answer came in the form of a pleated polka dot skirt from Forever XXI, black halter top from White House | Black Market, ivory lace headband from Icing, a string of pearls, and the perfect cocktail ring from Macy’s, not to mention my ever-present MAC Red lipstick from Nordstrom! Not a surprise, this is all from Northshore Mall!

2013 06 27 Great Gatsby Workday 2
2013 06 27 Great Gatsby Workday
2013 06 27 The Great Gatsby 3

What is the secret to pulling together a fabulous Gatsby look for your day-time-plans?

1. Put simple accessories together – choose accessories that make you look polished with little effort.

2. Cat eyeliner and red lips are a must.

3. Oxford flats are the perfect addition to channel your day-time flapper.

4. A vintage crystal broach can dress up any handbag – a little sparkle = a lot of glam.

Have a blast with vintage-styling this summer!

Yours in style & flattery,


A “Wicked Awesome” 4th of July

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This year I am celebrating the 4th of July – Boston style! Instead of wearing red, white and blue, I am choosing to wear GREEN, white and blue. I am so proud to be a Bostonian and, of course, honored to be an American, so what better way to observe a special day than to dress the part? Here is the perfect outfit I put together from the Northshore Mall to help me celebrate my country, and the greatest city in the world – Boston, Massachusetts! This year it’s all about appreciating our freedom, applauding our heros, and loving that “dirty water.”

Banana Republic Top
Ann Taylor Love Birds bracelet
Gap shorts
Aldo shoes

Shirt: Banana Republic | Flat Sandals: Aldo | Shorts: Gap | Bracelet: Ann Taylor

Another added bonus of living in Boston this time of year are all the summer bah-gans (non-Bostonians read: “bargains”). Everything is on SALE right now! So grab your ice coffee from Dunks, get in your cah, and head to the Northshore Mall to take advantage of these sales! Here’s hoping you find your perfect outfit, and that your 4th of July is wicked awesome!

Yours in style & flattery,


Why I Love Black & White, White House | Black Market and Smith & Wollensky

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Whether it is stripes, polka dots or a fabulous damask design, there are no colors I adore more than classic black and white. It amazes me that when I am faced with fabric pattern choices for my clothes or home decor, I always choose black and white if it is available, and then I’m shocked when I think “OMG, I just chose black and white…AGAIN” without even realizing it! This means I happen to have habitual colors-of-choice, which is great when there is an entire store at Northshore Mall dedicated to it: White House | Black Market.

I visited this favorite store of mine last weekend, and as usual, I was not disappointed. I went in looking for a cute party dress I could wear to dinner in Boston for my 4th wedding anniversary to Mr. Flattery. I immediately fell in love with this cotton, natural-waist, a-line short stunner:


If you have ever visited White House | Black Market, you know how well-made their clothes are, but have you ever had a chance to meet their staff? They are so knowledgeable about how their clothes fit women, and they will personally style entire outfits for you! I love this part about shopping there, even though I like to style myself most of the time, I get wonderful ideas from the sales associates at this store.


Not only did I find this adorable dress there, but my necklace and shoes! Everything in that store coordinates, so if you find a red belt, it coordinates with the red shoes and jewelry from that season…it’s brilliant and so stinkin’ easy to shop there!

This dress and accessories are so versatile – I can wear them to a wedding, special event, and if I add a button-up, black or red sweater I can easily wear them to work! I can’t say enough about this new dress, my favorite colors, and this great store!

As for me and the hubby, we enjoyed a wonderful night eating alfresco at one of our favorite restaurants on Boston’s waterfront, Smith & Wollensky (the most amazing Cajun filet mignon on the planet). It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary!

Yours in style & flattery,

Simplifying Father’s Day

My Dad is one of my favorite people in the world. He is smart, funny, kind and has a the biggest heart. I’ve learned so much from him over the years, one of them being that he is THE most difficult person to shop for! Sorry, Dad, but you know it’s true! This year, I’m not going to try to “decode” my father’s brain to choose the right gift. Instead, I’m going to hone in on his likes and really give him something he will use and appreciate.

So, what does my dad love to do?

My Dad loves to golf. Each weekend (and probablly weekday, but don’t tell my step-mother) my father can be found with some type of golf club in his hand. He is a good golfer, and loves a well-made, bright colored and comfortable golf shirt. This one from Macy’s would be perfect:

Puma Golf Shirt 510

My Dad loves to work in the yard. When my father isn’t out on the golf course, he is mowing, painting, planting or watering something outside. While I’m sure he does not care what he is wearing while he is working outdoors, I know he likes to keep his head covered up. What better gift than a new Boston Bruins hat from Lids (they just made it to the Stanley Cup Finals if you didn’t know)! Go Bruins!

Bruins Hat 510

My Dad loves to entertain. After a long day on the links, or mulch-shoveling, my father really enjoys having people over, a glass of wine and grilling. He always looks great and likes to keep it casual while he and my step mother are entertaining guests in their home. Enter these “boat shoes” from Brooks Brothers. These washed-leather boat shoes are the perfect blend of “dressed” and “comfortable.” I know he would enjoy telling jokes, flipping burgers and a great glass of vino while wearing these shoes!

Brooks Brother's Shoes 510

I know these gifts seem simple, right? That’s what I love about them – I’ve discovered that it’s best to play to a person’s interests when I’m looking for a special gift rather than guessing and hoping they will like something. I would urge you to do the same this Father’s Day!

I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful Dad, and I want to make sure he knows how special he is to me. Thanks for all that you do, Dad! I hope you have a great Father’s Day and do something you truly love…you are the best!

Dad, Tara and Joyce 510

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

Yours in style & flattery,


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How To Become A Style Chameleon

Have you ever been tired of your look? Maybe it’s the end of the season and you’ve been wearing the same outfits, or it could be you just haven’t had time for shopping . Whatever the case, every woman falls into a fashion-rut every now and then. What is the key, then, to never tiring of your attire? Become a style chameleon!

I tend to go for the “same” styles each season because they flatter my body, such as, a natural-waist dresses with a great pair of stilettos.


However, the other day I stepped out of the box and into some different, equally flattering trends at Forever XXI at Northshore Mall, and I was pleasantly surprised by the result. Here is what I found my best “style chameleon” equation to be for Summer 2013:





Extremely cute summer vests (-) Being afraid to mix patterns (+) A bit of biker chic (=) A fun, flattering and different look for me!

This next sentence is for me as much as it is for you, readers: don’t be afraid to change it up every once-in-a-while! The best outfits happen when I try something totally out of my comfort zone, and mix and match different styles (come on, biker-chic and stilettos, Tara? Yes, absolutely!) The most important thing is to laugh at yourself (and maybe take a picture and send it to me) if an outfit becomes a complete fashion disaster! Pull different things together and try them on in the dressing room – work it, ladies!

For help navigating any new trends, leave me a comment here! I will respond with some helpful tips.

Yours in style & flattery,