Some Seriously Sunny Style (reposted from StyleFlattery @ Northshore Mall)

Welcome sunshine, sunglasses and sunscreen – it’s 70 degrees on the North Shore of Boston! While most people across the country would consider this mild, we (those of us who drink iced coffee in 25-degree-weather) consider this an all-out heat wave! With that in mind, I have some GORGEOUS flattering fashion and accessories to share with you today.

I stopped by some of my favorite Northshore Mall shops to get inspired for my fun photo shoot, and let’s just say it was easy! Stores are jammed with natural nauticals, pretty paiselies and beautiful blue seaglass – the combination of which equals some seriously sunny style. Here is what I found:

The items I chose for this are the perfect representation of this time of year, and putting this look together was a breeze. Speaking of, the light sea breeze blowing and the sounds of sea gulls overhead during this shoot were so refreshing. I looked out onto the horizon, past The Friendship, docked in picturesque Salem Harbor, to see the aqua blue sky fading from dark to light into that North Shore ocean. I couldn’t be more happy with my choice of location. This is just the beginning of summer, and the first stop of many on my fashion, styling and photo adventures. I hope you take advantage of some of these spring styles from all of the great retailers at the North Shore Mall, and follow me over the next few months to see what I will be wearing and where!

Yours in style & flattery,

P.S. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery:

Jacket: New York & Company
Scarf: Loft
Bathing Suit: Victoria’s Secret
Clutch: Coach
Top: Loft
Shorts: Loft
Sunglasses: Sunglass Hut
Jewelry: Coach
Shoes: Aldo
Belts: Aldo
Fisherman’s Net Table Cloth & Glassware: Pottery Barn (Fun fact: Pottery Barn at Northshore Mall offers FREE in-home design experts. They will literally bring products to your home and design a room for you!)



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