Be true to you

Hello lovelies,

After the tragic events of Monday at the Boston Marathon, I was afraid to post anything about fashion yesterday on Twitter or Facebook – afraid I was being disrespectful, afraid I would be judged. I’m glad I took a day off to just be a “spectator” in the social-media-realm. As I read through many of my friends’ posts, I realized something: true human emotion and feelings were shining through. I really liked reading posts from friends I have never heard talk about “God,” “hope” or “love.” These friends were spreading messages of peace and kindness to their fellow Bostonians in the wake of this catastrophic event.

It got me thinking this morning that if many of my friends’ “truths” came out on Facebook, how could I be true to myself today? How can I spread some joy?

A young lady at my gym was wearing a crown while working out on the elliptical this morning. I was INSPIRED by her! Was she just trying to be funny? Celebrate something? Maybe she had lost a bet? Whatever the case was, I normally would have just laughed, posted something on Facebook (which I did), and went on with my day. But today was different. I wanted to spread some joy and tell her she inspired me, so I did. It turns out this beautiful young woman was celebrating her 21st birthday! I wished her a very happy birthday and told her she inspired me to be true to myself today – for me this means laughing, loving, and expressing myself how I know best – through fashion.

So, I will leave you with this adorable dress from the Gap Outlet, and wish you a day of being true to yourself.

Peace and lots of love,



2 thoughts on “Be true to you

  1. I love this story – I too try to let someone know when they have inspired me in any way and that I admire their show of bravery (especially when it comes to fashion!)

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