A Lesson in “Sheath” vs “Shift” Dresses

Ok ladies, I admit it, I don’t know everything! I found myself reading a magazine article about dressing a particular body type and recognized the words “sheath” and “shift” but found myself pondering the difference between the two types of dresses. How could I not know the difference? I’m grateful to be able to admit that this is humbling 🙂

Sheath dress:


Shift dress:


The distinct difference between these two dress designs is how much you want to flaunt. A sheath dress is fitted, showing off all your bodacious curves, while a shift dress gives you some room to, well, shift and move around, and flatters any figure.

Another difference between the two is how “dressy” they are. I personally reserve a sheath dress for a special night out, or dressed-up work day. The sheath dress can stand alone as a statement piece, or be complemented by some SIMPLE accessories like earrings and a great bracelet – it doesn’t really need much. A shift dress, on the other hand, can be taken from day to night. Flats and a belt – great for a shopping day, or dress it up for a girls-night with a fabulous pair of high-heels, a chunky necklace, and cute clutch.

Thank you Google for being my quick go to for all the times I’m thinking “what in the world does that mean, and why don’t I know this already?!”

Hope you all have a stylish and flattering day!



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