Fashionionably Late with Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Hi Everyone,

Today is the perfect day to post part three of my “Week of Fashion” blog. Two weeks ago I had a fashion-packed week, and shared about my experiences at the Cruiseport Gloucester Bridal Fashion Show and the Boston Fashion Meetup Group: Styling with Vintage at SOWA Vintage Market. Today I’d like to share about the great fashion show I went to at the Liberty Hotel on Thursday, January 31, 2013 – Fashionably Late, featuring the gorgeous line from Ak Maral Arzybaeva.

Photo courtesy of Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Photo courtesy of Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Ak Maral Arzybaeva showed four pieces from her black and white collection. Each dress was exquisitely handmade, with gorgeous embroidery. It’s hard to put into words and do justice to the hand-done embroidery because it was so beautiful. The raised tecture, and intricate detail made it so visually interesting!

Photo courtesy of: Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Photo courtesy of: Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Photo courtesy of: Ak Maral Arzybaeva

Photo courtesy of: Ak Maral Arzybaeva

The upbeat show was great; The Liberty Hotel was transformed into a multi-level, runway mecca. Literally, the models started high above the audience and made their way down the levels, stopping at different areas to show what they were wearing. It was a very fun evening, and they feauture different designers each Thursday!

After the show, I got a chance to catch up with Ak Maral, and she is such a sweetie pie. I told her how much I enjoyed her show, and we both laughed about our affinity for red lipstick: every fashionista knows it dresses up any outfit.

Fashionably Late with Ak Maral Arzybaeva

I’m convinced that this up and coming young lady will go far. She is studying fashion design at a Boston university, and was featured in New York’s Fashion Week last fall. Akmaral Designs can be purchased on I am especially obsessed with this sassy gabardine black and white dress. I think I know what my next “splurge” purchase is going to be!

Looking forward to more fashion events and trends in the coming week!

Yours in style & flattery,


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