Styling for Seacoast Weddings Magazine 2013

Good morning everyone,

I am thrilled to finally share my experience and images from the photoshoot I styled for Seacoast Weddings Magazine 2013. On a blustery September morning, I had the pleasure of sailing into the Gloucester Harbor  with full crew on the Thomas E. Lannon Schooner for an editorial photo shoot for Seacoast Weddings Magazine 2013, along with the photographer, Mark Davidson, makeup artist, Emily Higgiins, hair stylist, Christine Conroy, and gorgeous model, Caroline Reddy.

The call time for the morning was 6:30am. Hair and makeup started immediately aboard the docked schooner.

Makeup - Emily Higgins, Hair - Christine Conroy, Model - Caroline Reddy

Makeup – Emily Higgins, Hair – Christine Conroy, Model – Caroline Reddy

As the sun rose above the harbor, we set sail. The gorgeous light started to gleam across the water; what a sight. I was so grateful to be a part of this shoot already!

Gloucester Harbor from the Thomas E. Lannon Schooner

It was about 35 degrees out in the middle of Gloucester Harbor when the photographer, Mark Davidson, signaled it was time to start shooting. Caroline Reddy, the beautiful model for the day, was ready to go. Her hair and makeup looked amazing, and her gown and accessories were perfection (if I do say so myself). She was such a trooper. Even though it was cold, she made it seem like it was the middle of summer. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the masters at work:

Photographer - Mark Davidson, Model - Caroline Reddy

Photographer – Mark Davidson, Model – Caroline Reddy

I styled four different looks for the photoshoot, using bridal gowns and accessories from Bella Sera Bridal (of course!). Two of the looks were chosen by the magazine editor for full-page-spreads in Seacoast Weddings Magazine!

Seacoast Weddings Magazine

Seacoast Weddings Magazine

The entire photoshoot, including hair, makeup, styling, and preparation took about eight hours to complete. I was the “good” kind of tired after all was said and done, and could not wait to tell everyone about this great experience. I had met some wonderful professionals, got to take a sail on a beautiful schooner (the Thomas E. Lannon does private sails and weddings, by-the-way), and got to do something that I absolutely adore – make someone look stunning (although if you ever meet Caroline Reddy you will know she doesn’t need anyone to make her look gorgeous, she is naturally beautiful). I am consistently amazed by the opportunities that come my way, and the amount of fun I am having just by pursuing the things I really enjoy.

Tara on the Thomas E. Lannon Schooner-shoot of Seacoast Weddings Magazine

I am excited to share my next blog post with you soon, featuring the Bella Sera Bridal & Lorraine Roy Grand Re-Opening – a night of celebration, fashion and fun!

Remember to flatter yourself today!



2 thoughts on “Styling for Seacoast Weddings Magazine 2013

    • Thank you, Kim!!! I’m going to be writing a blog very soon about makeup, and I would love to include you (and have your input) in it! Last weekend was so wonderful…thank you AGAIN for all of the help and the amazing job you did 🙂

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