Closet makeover update

Hi everyone,

Last week I embarked on a closet makeover journey. For someone who has as much clothing and accessories as I do, it is IMPERATIVE for me to keep them organized. Instead, my small closet ended up looking like this:
2013 01 07 Closet update - what a mess
So, not attractive – my mother is definitely cringing right now. Thankfully, I followed my own advice, and donated a ton of my clothes, and then turned the hangers around so I can eliminate even more unworn clothes in a few months. What I didn’t expect was to get ANOTHER fantastic idea. In the picture above, you can see that my handbag obsession is a little out of hand. Instead of reorganizing them on a shelf only for them to fall over again, I decided to hang them up on a curtain rod:
2013 01 07 Closet update - purse solution
The round circles hanging from the rod (found at Home Depot in the bath section) have metal clamps on the end of them! Now all my purses are out of the way, neat AND easy to grab! I am so glad I did this project. My entire closet is refreshed, everything is organized by color (or lack-there-of: I never realized how much black I actually own). Plus, I get to donate to one of my favorite organizations, The Salvation Army.

The picture below is awful quality, but I needed to show all of you proof that I actually followed my own advice!
2013 01 07 Closet update - clean closet
My closet may be small, but that doesn’t mean I can’t flatter it! It looks fabulous!

Now, onto the next. What am I looking forward to this week? The Golden Globes of course! Who to watch? What will they wear? More on that this week!

Have a fabulous night!



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