A much-needed makeover

Good morning my loves,

The new year has bombarded me with messages about goals and resolutions, and how I haven’t really contemplated any! A smaller, more manageable way to look at things is to ask myself the question, “What in my life needs to be revived?” Certainly, by looking at my closet and my cosmetics, I can see a part of my life that needs a makeover. Here are 3 simple tasks I am going to do to get organized this week:

  1. Follow the 20 minute rule. While I would love to spend my entire day doing a marathon-cleaning of my closet, I just do not have that kind of time. Over the next 7 days, I will take 20 minutes per day to clear out items in my closet that I don’t use. This can be easier said than done, so let me move on to #2.

  2. Reverse all the hangers in my closet. typically do not have a problem going through my closet and choosing items which can be donated to charity. Sometimes, however, I find myself holding on to an item for YEARS because I’m going to wear it, or use it, “some day.” After making a donation pile of items I haven’t worn or used in the past 6 months, I am going to turn around all the hangers in my closet (this is a fool-proof way to see what items are actually in my wardrobe rotation, and which ones are not). After I wear the item, I will put it back on the hanger, and turn the hanger around. By the time the spring comes, I will have (I’m sure) a few items on backwards hangers which have not been worn. These items* will be donated. *If these are hard-to-part-with pieces, I am going to tap into my altruistic side and ask myself if someone else could benefit more from them – “could this suit help a woman look sharp for an interview and land a job?” This is what I like to call a “feel good moment!”

  3. Put all makeup in a clear zip-lock-bag or clear case, organize all brushes in a ceramic cup. My makeup area can get out of hand, quickly. First, I will empty all of my makeup onto a flat surface, and eliminate any items that I’ve had longer than 6 months. *Bonus, if it is MAC makeup, I can save the containers, and once I have six, I can return them to any MAC store or counter for a free lipstick! Next, all my makeup will be returned to a clear bag so I can see, and grab, my “make myself pretty paint” with ease. All brushes, lip liners and eyeliners will be put in a pretty ceramic cup, so my magic wands will be ready to go as soon as I sit down to paint my face.

    Image courtesy of: J.Fineran Photography http://jfineranphotography.com/

    Image courtesy of: J.Fineran Photography http://jfineranphotography.com/

I am inspired to get my “fashions” in order in an attainable way this week. Instead of making unrealistic resolutions, I think this is a much more manageable (and time-effective) way to make my life just a teansy bit more organized. I will update you on my progress, and post some before and after pictures…(gulp, now I ACTUALLY have to go do it!)

Flatter yourself today my loves!




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