Chiffon – an unexpected winter staple

Happy New Year everyone,

This morning, as I drive with my husband to the mountains, my brain is not on my fun-filled day of skiing ahead. Instead, I’m thinking about chiffon. Makes sense? To me, chiffon is one of the most feminine fabrics ever! I love it, and I’ve noticed that this winter, chiffon is in!

Typically saved for spring and summer, light, airy, sheer chiffon has hit the stores in the form of button-down shirts and adorable dresses. Paired with a belt (of course!) chiffon is comfortable AND sexy, it can be dressed up with the right accessories, or dressed down for a “cozy-sheik” look.

I’m absolutely in love with the use of chiffon as one of this winter’s fashion trends, and I see it carrying over into spring!

Check out my Pinterest for some gorgeous chiffon looks – Ok, now it’s time to focus on the slopes ahead! Don’t forget to flatter yourself today.





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