Hail to the models

Good morning sunshines,

Have you ever stared at the cover of a Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan magazine and oggled over the model? Her beauty? Her confidence? How EASY it must be to stand there and get paid to smile while a professional photographer takes her picture? I have! I mean, how hard could it be, right?


I have been behind the scenes at fashion shows, dressed gorgeous models to walk the runway, and on the sets of photo shoots, but I have never (until VERY recently) been the subject of a photo shoot. For my 30th birthday, I decided to have a photo shoot done of myself – yes, myself! I have never felt better on the inside (or out) in my entire life, and I wanted to celebrate that, so sue me.

Are you shocked at how self-centered I am?
Are you over it yet?
Tick, tick, tick…
Ok you’ve had enough time 🙂

Being on the other end of the lens is NOT as easy as it looks! I went into the shoot thinking “this is going to be a breeze! I styled the perfect outfits. My hair and makeup look great. I’m just going to smile and it will be done!” Instead, I learned a few things  during the session:

  • Pictures come out much better when you are relaxed (geee, I wish I had thought of that). This just didn’t happen for me at first. I was a nervous wreck in front of the professional’s camera! Big smile? No smile? Half a smile? Where do I put my hands? Eyes up? Eyes down? Turn right? Chin left? When did my body somehow stop moving in fluid motions and start working like Wall-e? Did I have too much coffee? (Well, that’s always a given). I was SO out of my element!
  • Photographers are the producers AND the directors of the shoot for a reason. When photographers have a vision, it is because they are the professionals and they know what they are doing! I had my photo shoot done with Brooke Whicher of Brooke Whicher Photography (BWP) and she was a GOD-SEND. While I was a nervous, silly wreck, Brooke gave clear, concise direction. Whether or not I could follow her direction was a matter of me being my goofy, uptight self! Luckily, about thee-quarters of the way in, I loosened up a bit and it absolutely showed in the pictures.
  • Professional photography is an art. The photo-journalistc style used in the session was gorgeous and classic. Because I’ve seen a lot of BWP’s work before, I was not surprised by Brooke’s ability to make even the simplest of shots visually interesting and pretty. It was a far cry from the “Glamour Shots” of the 80’s and 90’s! Remember those?
  • Models get paid the big bucks, and they deserve every penny. I have a new-found-respect for these women (and men), and their ability to make it look SO EASY because it is hard to be in front of that camera. Then, to top it all off, the whole world scrutinizes the photos! Phew, I’m glad I’m just making a Snapfish photo album with these pictures instead of having them featured in Vogue…haha.

The moral of this little story is – I am 30, and I am awesome. As crazy (and egotistical) as it may sound to some, I am unbelievably proud of this photo shoot, and who I am today. If you want to  encapsulate your amazing-ness in time, I would highly recommend getting in front of a professional’s camera. I will forever remember my 30th year as one of taking chances, and loving myself for it.

A big thank you to Brooke Whicher Photography for flattering me, and my style, and for making me feel beautiful!



P.S. I know what you’re thinking. SHOW ME A PICTURE. Fine…now I’m blushing!
2012 12 30 Hail to the model - Tara - photoshoot


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