Flatter yourself…

I’ve finally decided to start my fashion blog. I’ve been toying with this idea for quite a while, and I’m officially inspired. Why start a fashion blog?

  • I live my life in fashion – I wake up each day and think “what am I wearing today to make me happy?” Putting together a “look” for myself each day makes me smile and brings me confidence! I want to pass on these fabulous feelings, and fashion tips, to anyone who wants to listen.
  • This blog will give me a place to store my work in one place. I have styled over the years for friends, family and photo shoots, but I don’t have one central location for everything.
  • Flattery is everything. I love when I put a look together for a friend, family member or bride and they say “I love this, I would have never put this together for myself.” I get such a high when people adore the way they look! Fashion is personal, but there is one simple rule I follow – FLATTER YOUR BODY, and  you will look and feel amazing. I hope to help readers learn how to shop for their unique beauty, no matter what shape or size.

Flatter yourself today my loves!



P.S. For your viewing pleasure, below are pictures from my favorite recent styling jobs – more will be added once the magazines publish in January 2013:

Hellenic Center Fashion Show 8-2012

Cruiseport Fashion Show - 1-2012

Danversport Bridal Show - 2-2012


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